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ADSL, Fibre Optic, NBN & Building Connect......


What are the differences? 


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ADSL, Fibre Optic, NBN & Building Connect
What are the differences?
What is ADSL broadband?

ADSL was the next generation of internet after dial-up, with improved speed/performance and more importantly a split in the line allowing simultaneous broadband and telephone connections. These connections use copper telephone lines to bring the data into your premises from the telephone exchange. ADSL connections become slower the further that your business is located from the exchange. This is why you rarely recieve the sorts of speed that ADSL is actually capable of by the time the data reaches your computers.  ADSL suffers from generally low upload speeds which can severely restrict ability to use cloud based applications, VOIP and other data intensive processes.


What is fibre optic broadband?

Fibre optic broadband, uses an entirely separate fibre optic cable which is comprised of numerous individual fibres carrying  information in the form of light. The result...... Much faster and much more reliable broadband connections with equal upload and download speeds. There is minimal loss of speed between your premises and the exchange when using fibre optic cable over normal distances. 


What is the NBN?

The NBN or National Broadband Network is a government funded internet infrastructure program designed primarily to make high speed internet available to residents around the country. The fibre optic cables laid for NBN, will come to a central location in your street not to your building. Consumers will still need to sign up with an internet service provider (like Building Connect) who will connect your premises to the NBN service and re-sell you an NBN plan. 


Please note that the NBN is currently a residential grade service without service guarantees. More importantly it is still years away in many commercial locations. If however the NBN does come and offers an effective service for Business, then Building Connect will be able to supply NBN services to its customers using our existing infrastructure.  

What does Building Connect Offer?

Building Connect brings a fibre optic connection close to your business and then connects to some specialised equipment which we place in your building's basement. This equipment allows us to share one large fibre connection between several businesses (saving you huge expense) and we can accurately allocate bandwidth to each customer depending on which plan they select.


By bringing our fibre close to your business, we ensure no loss of speed between your business and the internet. We then use the existing cabling in your building to span the last few metres (generally 50-100m) between our equipment in the basement and your business premises. Because data is only travelling a very short distance over existing building cabling, there is no speed loss and you still get the equal upload and download speeds offered through the fibre optic network. 


With Building Connect you get all of the benefits of a stand-alone fibre connection at a drastically reduced cost.  No slow ADSL and no waiting years for the NBN.