Where Does The NBN Fit In?


Most people do not realise that the NBN is a wholesale provider that does not cater to individual users. In other words even if the NBN cable is installed into a street, users will still need to go to a 3rd party internet service provider to connect. In a multi-tenanted building, this will be more complex as every business will need a separate connection to the NBN Cable.


With the recent coalition election win, the NBN concept is being diluted so that fibre optic cable will not be spread to all locations. Building Connect is fast tracking the provision of affordable high speed internet at a time when NBN is still at least 3 years away (or more) in most commercial locations. If and when the NBN does come, then Building Connect may be able to take advantage of lower costs which we will pass on to our customers in order to remain price competitive.


A building that is provisioned with Building Connect will offer ongoing connectivity to every occupant in a building, which is something that the NBN alone does not provide for. What's more Building Connect is here right now!

The NBN itself is not intended to operate as an internet connection for your business.