Service Suspension

If you have been redirected to this page then your Internet Service has been temporarily suspended.

Connectivity to Internet based services has been restricted to the Building Connect website and Customer Portal systems only.

If you rely on your Internet connection for access to voice services then these services may also be impacted.

Please contact us via telephone urgently to discuss the issue with your account or service and expedite a resolution for you to avoid unnecessary interruption to your service.

Service suspension is not taken lightly by us and can be caused due to the following circumstances:

  • New services are often in a suspended state if all account setup functions have not been completed as yet

  • We have been unable to contact a customer with existing contact details and need to discuss some aspect of your service with you urgently

  • We have not received payment for a service even after sending multiple reminders and suspension notices and provided access to information about financial hardship and payment plan options

You can contact us for more information about why your service has been suspended via telephone on 02 8014 6550 or via email to, Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM except Public Holidays

We value your business and our relationship with our customers and prefer to resolve service suspension issues as a priority and help our customers as much as we can to overcome any obstacles which they may have with their account or service.

More information about how you can manage your account, your service usage and access to our financial hardship and complaints handling policy can be found within the Customer Support menu at the top of this website.

Kind Regards

Building Connect Accounts

02 8014 6550