Frequently Asked Questions



Do You Guarantee The Speeds Advertised?


Internet speed is a particularly difficult thing to accurately measure because the speed of a connection is affected by a huge number of variables. One thing we certainly cannot control is the speed at which data is being sent to you. So if for example the web site you are viewing is over-loaded, then your connection to that site will perform slowly no matter how fast our network is performing at our end.  We suggest that an absolute minimum expectation should be the achievement of 75% of your advertised speed for 75% of the time. In practice however if you are not recieving at least 90% of your advertised speed almost all of the time, then please contact us and we will review the situation. Building Connect prides itself on delivering the highest quality service and it would be unusual for one of our customers not to be recieving very close to the advertised speed at all times. Please note that whenever you do a speed test, around 8-10% of your "bandwidth" is taken up with ""overheads" meaning that some of the speed is being used by the process of providing a service and the process of testing the speed. So for example on a 10mbps plan you should expect to see over 9mbs on your speedtest result.  


Is Your Network Reliable?


Building Connect guarantees 99.9% uptime on our core network and 99.5% minimum uptime on your internet connection. Our customers currently experience an average network uptime of 99.96%, most outages are for planned maintenance or power related issues which are out of our control. We only peer and connect with major providers for our network capacity, assuring reliable services and response times.


Will I Get Support If There Is A Problem?


Building Connect provides Australian based technical support from its Sydney office. We offer high levels of personal and technical support and our staff all speak english as a first language. This means you can speak to someone who is local, who can communicate clearly and who is committed to fixing issues if they arise, and you usually get to speak to somebody straight away who will be attentive to your issue and follow up throughout the process. 


Why Is Your Service Cheaper Than Fibre Optic But Just As Fast?


The Building Connect system relies upon the installation of some core infrastructure into your building which enables us to deliver services to all tenants. By investing in this building infrastructure we can create economies of scale and pass on the savings to you.  Most providers don't take advantage of these economies of scale and they make you pay the entire cost of providing service to your site. Building Connect does things a little differently, maximum reliability and reduced costs for customers are key to our business. 


Is It A Big Hassle To Get Connected?


Not at all. If Building Connect is live in your building then we can have you live in a couple of days and there is generally no cabling required. We supply everything you will need to access the internet both wirelessly and via cable. Most of the installation work happens in the comms room of your building and installation time within your office is generally less than 60 minutes. If your connection requirements are unusual and do not fit in with our standard provisioning prices, we will tell you this before you commit to our service. In some rare cases we will need to inspect your site and give you a customised installation quote. 


If your building does not have our Building Connect System already in place, we  take care of the base building installation without cost to you and then we get your tenancy connected. Please note that we reserve the right to only provide services to buildings where our network installation is economically viable and the decision to provide service is at the sole discretion of Building Connect. 

What If I Am Not Happy?


In most cases Building Connect offers customers a 30 day money back guarantee on our services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your provisioning charges and your first month's service cost without any hassles. Thankfully nobody has ever asked for their money back but we are 100% committed to standing behind our money back guarantee and we do not impose any onerous conditions. If you are not happy then cancel your plan within the first 30 days of service. All of the details are located in our service agreement. After the first 30 days of service, we offer ongoing performance guarantees which are also outlined in our user service agreement. 


Building Connect is a member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's Scheme.

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