About Us

Building Connect is a licensed Australian Telecommunications Carrier which evolved as the result of demand for fast internet from occupants in multi-tenant commercial buildings. We realised that there was a better solution to ADSL and now even NBN, customers wanted reliable Business Grade Internet for their business, not ADSL or FTTN or other technologies which relied on old worn out infrastructure, people needed Internet which could provide the speeds they needed without the high cost of dedicated fibre services, something they could rely upon.


Building Connect has been providing Business Grade services for over 4 years now and is constantly growing and evolving in the marketplace to ensure that our customers receive the best service. We have over 27 buildings active now and that number is growing constantly.


Building Connect does only one thing. It installs and supplies high speed internet to commercial and industrial estates. In order to do this we install infrastructure into multi-tenant buildings which most people would know as Fibre to the Basement. Once installed we connect customers via the existing structured cabling within the building, much like an ADSL connection would be installed, however we use dedicated cables.


We have multiple Internet connection points and peering partners to make sure you get to the content you need as quickly as possible and via the most direct route where possible.

Building Connect also maintains 24x7 monitoring of our network ensuring that we know about potential problems before our customers need to worry about them, we monitor everything from temperature to throughput of our connections, we even have solar powered connections in some locations.

Many of our locations have fully redundant network connections, sometimes from diverse fibre access points or via fixed wireless connections, this type of network design and commitment is what makes us stand out as a quality provider who cares about its customers and their businesses.


We are able to tackle just about any communications project from a basic Internet connection to a full private network spanning multiple states with any mix of fibre optic, ADSL, or wireless end points, we have access to a multitude of technologies and providers.


Our key partners such as Telstra Wholesale, Vocus and AAPT help us to provide solutions to our customers with the maximum reach possible, and at a competitive cost point. We have a significant investment in direct connectivity with these and other partners to ensure that we can provide the best and most reliable services possible.